Volume 10, Number 3:28-55;2021
American Journal of Stem Cells

Hector Picon, Achuta Kumar Guddati: Cancer stem cells in head and neck cancer. Am J Stem Cells 2021;10(3):28-35. (Full text, PDF).

Pia Montanucci, Teresa Pescara, Alessia Greco, Daniela Francisci, Giuseppe Basta, Riccardo Calafiore: Microencapsulated Wharton Jelly-derived adult mesenchymal stem cells as a potential new therapeutic tool for patients with COVID-19 disease: an in vitro study. Am J Stem Cells 2021;10(3):36-52. (Full text, PDF).

Mohamed SA Mohamed: Evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells in the healing of anastomosed carotid arteries. Am J Stem Cells 2021;10(3):53-55. (Full text, PDF).
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