Volume 5, Number 1:1-38;2016
American Journal of Stem Cells

Carol J Barnes, Casey T Distaso, Kristin M Spitz, Valerie A Verdun, Aviad Haramati: Comparison of stem cell therapies for acute kidney injury. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(1):1-10. (Full text, PDF).

Jonathan Day, Soham Savani, Benjamin D Krempley, Matthew Nguyen, Joanna B Kitlinska: Influence of paternal preconception exposures on their offspring: through epigenetics to phenotype. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(1):11-18. (Full text, PDF).

Rouknuddin Qasim Ali, Evelina Blomberg, Anna Falk, Lars Ährlund-Richter, Mats Ulfendahl: Induction of sensory neurons from neuroepithelial stem cells by the ISX9 small molecule. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(1):19-28. (Full text, PDF).

Nikolaos G Grigoriadis, Ioannis G Grigoriadis, Sofia Markoula, Minas Paschopoulos, Konstantinos Zikopoulos, Panagiotis Gr Apostolakopoulos , Ioannis S Vizirianakis, Ioannis Georgiou: Pharmacological preconditioning for short-term ex vivo expansion of human umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cells by filgrastim. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(1):29-38. (Full text, PDF).
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