Volume 5, Number 2:39-73;2016
American Journal of Stem Cells

Sarah Fogleman, Casey Santana, Casey Bishop, Alyssa Miller, David G Capco: CRISPR/Cas9 and mitochondrial gene replacement therapy: promising techniques and ethical considerations. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(2):39-52. (Full text, PDF).

Jairo A Diaz, Mauricio F Murillo, Jhonan A Mendoza, Ana M Barreto, Lina S Poveda, Lina K Sanchez, Laura C Poveda, Katherine T Mora: Human somatic cells acquire the plasticity to generate embryoid-like metamorphosis via the actin cytoskeleton in injured tissues. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(2):53-73. (Full text, PDF).
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