Volume 5, Number 3:74-106;2016
American Journal of Stem Cells

Shuk Kei Cheng, Elisse Y Park, Andjela Pehar, Alexandra C Rooney, G. Ian Gallicano: Current progress of human trials using stem cell therapy as a treatment for diabetes mellitus. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(3):74-86. (Full text, PDF).

Meredith A Lilly, Meghan F Davis, Josh E Fabie, Elizabeth B Terhune, G Ian Gallicano: Current stem cell based therapies in diabetes. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(3):87-98. (Full text, PDF).

Aditya Devineni, Scarlett Tohme, Michael T Kody, R Adams Cowley, Brent T Harris: Stepping back to move forward: a current review of iPSCs in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Am J Stem Cells 2016;5(3):99-106. (Full text, PDF).
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