Volume 7, Number 2:25-55;2018
American Journal of Stem Cells

Emily S Paffhausen, Yasir Alowais, Cara W Chao, Evan C Callihan, Karen Creswell, John R Bracht: Discovery of a stem-like multipotent cell fate. Am J Stem Cells 2018;7(2):25-37. (Full text, PDF).

Maria Teresa González-Garza, Delia E Cruz-Vega, Alejandro Cárdenas-Lopez, Rosa Maria de la Rosa, Jorge E Moreno-Cuevas: Comparing stemness gene expression between stem cell subpopulations from peripheral blood and adipose tissue. Am J Stem Cells 2018;7(2):38-47. (Full text, PDF).

Geeta Shroff, Rhea Shroff, Rakesh Gupta: Analysis of the regulation pathways via microarray and miRNA studies: human embryonic stem cells to treat diabetes mellitus type-II. Am J Stem Cells 2018;7(2):48-55. (Full text, PDF).
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