Volume 7, Number 4:72-103;2018
American Journal of Stem Cells

Mark A Pianka, Alec T McIntosh, Sahaj D Patel, Pegah R Bakhshi, Mira Jung: Close yet so far away: a look into the management strategies of genetic imprinting disorders. Am J Stem Cells 2018;7(4):72-81. (Full text, PDF).

Jang Cho, Matthew D’Antuono, Michael Glicksman, Jing Wang, Jacqueline Jonklaas: A review of clinical trials: mesenchymal stem cell transplant therapy in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Am J Stem Cells 2018;7(4):82-93. (Full text, PDF).

Kyle Bruun, Erika Schermer, Anjali Sivendra, Emily Valaik, Reed B Wise, Rana Said, John R Bracht: Therapeutic applications of adipose-derived stem cells in cardiovascular disease. Am J Stem Cells 2018;7(4):94-103. (Full text, PDF).
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